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Lina Samuel

Fox 1 Lecture 1 SOCIOL 2R03 Monday September 09, 2013 The Gordian Knot of Race Class & Gender  “Why Inequality Matters in 1,000 words or less?” Dec. 2007 CCPA 1) The rich can leave the boat 2) Public resources for addressing problems are diminished  Nation state isn’t addressing family problems  Demoralizes people to make effective changes in their lives 3) Canadians become beggars  No public social services so have to go to wealthy and ask for money (dependant on them) 4) Inequalities fosters’ elitism and resentment 5) Gross inequalities are part of a culture of individualism  Not working for the public good but for the good of the few 6) Inequality is the end of democracy (Cunningham 2007)  Intersectionality: “…theoretical and methodological tool that helps us understand the simultaneous and multiple effects of ethnicity, social class and sexualities on gender.” – Manhalingam, Balin and Haritatos, 2008: 326  Michelle Crenshaw (1995)  “Intersections of various social identities profoundly affect the lives of those who embody those categories” 1) No social group is homogeneous 2) People must be located in terms of their structures that capture power relations implied by those structures 3) These are unique, non-additive effects of identifying with more than one group (Stewart and McDermott, 2004)  Verna Kirkness (1987: 413)  Discrimination within discrimination: explains the ways in which indigenous woman have been marginalized and pushed to the peripheries  Systems of oppression: capitalism, imperialism and patriarchy  The need for gender and racial hierarchies to fuel the systems of oppression  (Razack, 1998) Fox 2 Lecture 1  Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill-Collins (1990, 2000)  Matrix of domination  1) Focus on critical self-reflection  2) Process and systems of oppression  3) Operationalize Resistance  Development of Inequali
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