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Lecture 6

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Lina Samuel

Fox 1 Lecture 6 SOCIOL 2R03 Thursday October 17, 2013 Chapter 6: Gender & Sexuality Inequality Agenda:  Masculinity as both a privilege and a vulnerability  Women in parliament  Women in the corporate world  Women and the Victorian Ideal  Women’s Labour Force Participation  Gender inequality and inequality in the workplace  Gender and Earnings-accounting for women’s lower earnings  (Might not finish all of this, we can continue next class)  Masculinity as both Privilege and Vulnerability  It is a category of privilege  In power (vote)  Economic privilege (ownership of land)  Prestige (special advantages)  Positions of power (Sernau, 2014: 141-144)  FROM: Publication No. 05-62E “Women in Parliament” Julie Cool. Social Affairs Division Parliamentary Information and Research Service Library of Parliament  Why are women under represented in Parliament? 1. They need to select themselves  2. They need to be selected as candidates by the parties.  3. They need to be selected by voters.  (From Julie Cool 2010)  Hold a disproportionate share of household and family responsibility  Socialized to see life in politics are undesirable  Self perception that they are under-qualified  Women also underrep in upper echelons of power (institutions)  Adversarial and combative nature of the work  William Goode (1992, cited in Sernau, 2014: 142-143) “Sociology of superordinate”  1. Understand the worlds of the ‘other’ Fox 2 Lecture 6  2. Dis-connect with the histories  3. Taking for granted the structure  4. Self congratulate (not recognize their privilege)  5. Not notice the talents of those below us  6. Those at the top rarely recognize social structures that advantage them  Women and the Victorian Ideal  Nancy Cott (2001) “cult of domesticity”  Role of Industrialization  Created two distinctions between men and women’s work  Ideology of the separate spheres  Called for a separation of family life form paid work Women’s Labour Force Participation  Causes of Female Participation Rate Changes  Both immediate and underlying causes  Immediate Causes of LFP changes  60s and 70s availability of more jobs  Policy issues  80s more women with preschool children entering LF  Need for family income  Rise in Education  New policies (around childcare)  Representation by trade unions  90s leveling of due to recession  2000 rise in economic opportunities Gender Inequality and Inequality in the Workplace: Explanations (Padavic and Reskin, 2002 in their text Women and Men at Work 2nd ed.)  Gender ideology  Sex stereotypes  Sex labeling of jobs  Statistical discrimination  Role of employers  Customers and male workers attitudes  Sex differences in workers preferences and productivity  Human Capital Theory (theory that views education and experience as investments that inc. productivity)
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