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Lecture 7

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Fox 1 Lecture 7 SOCIOL 2R03 Thursday, October 24, 2013 Chapter 7- Status & Prestige  Agenda  Pierre Bourdieu (1979), Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste.  Habitus: speech patterns, lifestyle, appreciation that determines where an individual feels comfortable and knowledgeable or “at home”  Capital (Social, cultural…)  Taste  The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers are Going Broke by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren-Tyagi (2003)  Thorstein Veblen (1899) The Theory of the Leisure Class  Conspicuous consumption  Page 161: occupation and prestige  Money influences how people make distinctions about prestige in the occupational category: (Teacher, Senior Janitor and Plumber example)  Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste (Bourdieu,1979)  Tastes preferences of individuals in different social classes  “ cultivated disposition and cultural competence” are revealed through the consumption of good (1979: 13)  Socialization marks distinction  Choices we make create class based distinctions that divide people from each other (learn to be culturally like our class: social positions and how we value the things in them and learn to have a distaste for likings of people below us  “Like every sort of taste, it unites and separates.  Being the product of the conditioning associated  With a particular class of conditions of existence,  It unites all those who are the product of similar  Conditions while distinguishing them from all others.  And it distinguishes in an essential way, since  Taste is the basis of all that one has—people and  Things—and all that one is for others, whereby  One classifies oneself and is classified by others…”  (Bourdieu, 1979: 56). Fox 2 Lecture 7  Capital: symbolic, cultural, social  Habitus: “mental structures through which individuals apprehend the social world” (1990: 130)
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