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Lecture 10

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Fox 1 Lecture 10 SOCIOL 2R03 November 18, 2013 Abandoned Spaces: Poverty & Place Agenda  Shifts in work: deindustrialization and the Post-Industrial phase  The Coming of Post-Industrial Society (Daniel Bell, 1973)  The Rise of the Creative Class (Richard Florida 2002)  Economic Crisis and Social location  1891  primary sector 49%  Secondary sector 20%  Service sector 31%  2008  Service sector 76.5%  Secondary sector 19.6%  Primary sector 3.9%  (Krahn, et al. 2011: 62)  Daniel Bell (1973) The Coming of Post-Industrial Society  extensive trade among nations.  a large surplus of goods  a service sector so large that it employs the majority of workers  a wide variety and quantity of goods available to the average person  an ‘information explosion’  “Institutional ghettoes” :  combination of low income, public policy and community hostility which tended to keep non-white groups in certain areas of the city (William Julius Wilson, 1996, cited in Sernau, 2014: 235).  Richard Florida (2002) The Rise of the Creative Class.  -shift from goods production to knowledge production  Creative Class: super creative core and the creative professionals  These workers transform society through
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