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Lecture 11

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McMaster University
Lina Samuel

Fox 1 Lecture 11 SOCIOL 2R03 Monday November 21, 2013 Reversing the Race Poverty & Policy Agenda (this Topic will cover two lectures Thursday Nov 21 and Monday Nov 25).  Definitions of Ghetto or Slum (extending our lecture on Place and Inequality)  Poverty, Rising Inequality, and Social Policy  Welfare to Work  Rise of Reagan, Thatcher, Mulroney, Harris… (quick review because Neoliberalism is important in this discussion on social policy)  Principle of Universality Detroit Downtown, 2000 Bronx, NYC, 1980  “Slums”  “residential district characterized by high levels of poverty, substandard housing, and insecure tenure”  “dilapidated neighbourhood marked by lack of access to adequate services, under- maintenance, poverty, and inferior living conditions”  “Ghettos”  “residential district that both contains and concentrates members of a particular ethnic or racial group, due to discrimination on behalf of the ‘host’ society”  (for further reading: “R. A. Walks and L. Bourne, 2006, Johnson, Forest, Poulsen, 2001, 2002, Philpott, 1973)). Traditional Definitions of Key Terms  Historic  Images of Slums  The 10 most toxic places in the world, in alphabetical order:  -Agbogbloshie, Ghana: an e-waste dumpsite near Ghana  -Chernobyl, Ukraine: site of the worst nuclear disaster ever  -Citarum River, Indonesia: contains contaminants from industrial and domestic sources  -Dzershinsk, Russia: a hub of chemical industries  -Hazarobagh, Bangladesh: leather and tannery district in Dhaka Fox 2 Lecture 11  -Kabwe, Zambia: a lead mine sits close to the community  -Kalimantan, Indonesia: hub for small scale gold minining  -Matanza Riachuelo, Argentina: 15,000 industries drain effluents into the river  -Niger River Delta, Nigeria: heavily polluted with oils and hydrocarbons.  -Norilsk, Russia: an industrial city with mining operations  (Raveena Aulakh, “Bangladesh tannery site reaches reaches toxic top 10”, Toronto Star, November 20, A1, A18)  Poverty, Rising Inequality, and Social Policy  Studies show that a combination of eroding employment opportunities and the retrenchment of social services and publicly funded social services have led to the rise in poverty (Sernau, 2014: 276)  New Deal: targeted unemployed, poor families, minorities and anyone who Roosevelt th
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