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Lecture 12

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Lina Samuel

Fox 1 Lecture 12 SOCIOL 2R03 Thursday November 28, 2013 Challenging The System: The Future of Inequality (Resistance)  Social Movements and Social Change  Reformative Social movements, transformative social movements  Deprivation Theory  Moral and Ideological Commitment  Environmental Racism (reference to Northern Gateway Pipeline)  Vandana Shiva (1981, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994…2005) Social Movements  Reformative Social Movements: seek to reform some specific aspect of society  Transformative Social Movements: seek to transform the social order itself and replace it with a different version of society  (Henslin and Nelson, 1996)  Deprivation Theory: people who are deprived of things join social movements with the hope of redressing these imbalances  Relative Deprivation Theory: their relative experiences (their subjective experience of deprivation)  Moral and Ideological commitment for those who are part of a social movement  (Henslin and Nelson, 1996)  Environmental Racism: poor are vulnerable to environmental destructions (Sernau 311- 312)  Northern Gateway Pipeline  Twin pipelines from Brunderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, British Columbia  Heavily criticized by Aboriginal groups  Alberta Keystone Pipeline (Toronto Star, Saturday June 9, 2012)  Oil from Hartdisty, Alberta to Port Arthur, Texas  2,700 km pipeline  Dr. Vandana Shiva (physicist, environmentalist, activist, author or numerous books…)  Raised attention to protecting nature and protecting the rights of people to have access to food and water and dignified jobs and livelihoods.  Corporations disposes people of their rights and at the same time disposes the rights of nature Fox 2 Lecture 12  “we are being offered a dictatorship over life, and not life in permanence, but for life for a short time and we need to defend life in its freedom forever” (Shiva, 2010)  Where are people happier? Denmark (Sernau, 2010: 312-
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