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Lina Samuel

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Oct 17, 2013 • Masculinity like whiteness is a privilege ex: rights to vote, access to economic privilege own/inherit property, • Women need to be self selected by themselves, then selected by their parties, then selected by voters • On average, women have lower incomes than their male counterparts • NDP has contracted more women mps - freeze riding until it is proven they have sourced out all potential women candidates before they went to a male representatives • men are trained overtime not to notice the privilege associated with their gender • people at the top - people of privilege they are more apt to look at how hard they worked rather than the positioning of their families • people at the top don't recognize that people at the bottom need to have the same opportunities - they don't acknowledge their talents and abilities • unwilling to make any changes to allow anyone to come up to the top - social closure • if you let more people up to the top it starts to look like the middle • 'naturalized' this is how things ought to be • In 1840, women and young girls
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