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Maja Jovanovic

Review of Last Lecture • Weber: • Class • Status • Party Review of Last Lecture • Bourdieu • HABITUS = set of internalized dispositions. It’s the attitudes & beliefs that reflect your social circumstances in which you grew up in. – how social status becomes embedded in a person (deeply engrained status or skill that you possess due to your life experience) E.g. Card Game Review of Last Lecture • Annette Lareau • Concerted Cultivation Accomplishment of Natural Growth Chapter 8: Families & Domestic Labor Structure of Canadian families is changing • Increase in same-sex unions • Increase in common-law unions • Increase in single-parent households • Increase in male single-parent households • Cluttered Nest – where children leave the nest and then come back home because they cant find a job or make it on their own Why family relationships matter • Families reproduce social class. • Life chances of children tied to economic position of families. • Class position related to well-being of families. • Wealthier families = more opportunities for children Division of Labor in Families Adding up the hours of unpaid work • Women work 2+ hours more per day on UNPAID work activities than males. • Men spent 2 hours more per day on PAID work activities than females. • Women take MORE time off work to deal with child care responsibilities • Women earn less money and work more part-time jobs (fewer benefits & pension options) • = ECONOMIC PENALTY FOR CARE WORK! “They don't count women's work but they count on women's work." Whose responsible for raising children? • Mothers should stay at home b/c economic sacrifice is offset by emotional rewards! • Having children is personal choice & private matter. • Raising children is necessary work = society has obligation to offset costs and help. • Policies reinforce women’s inequality & subordination. • Maternal Leave • Paternal Leave Day Care in Canada • Less than 20% of children in Canada have access to a regulated child care spot. • 80% of children in Ontario attend unlicensed child care • Conservative government = Universal Child Care Allowance • Quebec = $7.00 per day for child care Ontario = all-day kindergarten for 4 & 5 year olds Elder Care Responsibilities • 30% of women aged 45-64 combine child care AND senior care. • Double responsibility for care = high stress, employment is at risk • Social cost of c
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