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Jan 11 Lecture

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David Young

Sociology 2S06: Lecture January 11, 2013 Hegelian Marxism Continued.. 2) Counter Hegemony • An alternative ideology and culture that poses a challenge to the ideas presented by the capitalist class • The working class has to: ◦ Become conscious of its position with the capitalist system ◦ Reject the ideology presented by the capitalist class ◦ Develop a Proletarian ideology and a revolutionary strategy ◦ Spread the counter hegemony throughout society Critical Theory A) What is Critical Theory? • Developed by a group of German neo-marxists ◦ Were associated with the Institute of Social Research ▪ Frankfurt, Germany in the 1920s ◦ Became known as the Frankfurt School B) Critical Theory and its Criticisms of Social and Intellectual Life • Critical of capitalist society • Criticisms of neo-Marxian Theory ◦ Specifically critical of Economic Determinism in early neo-Marxian theory ◦ Important to go beyond the economic system ▪ Specifically the cultural realm • Criticisms of Culture ◦ The “Culture Industry” ▪ Made of bureaucratic organizations that control production of culture in capitalist society (ie. Movie studios, publishing companies, TV networks) ▪ Produces mass cultural products • Were mindless entertainments that pacified the working class and duped the working class into accepting the capitalist system ◦ The “Knowledge Industry” ▪ Also made up of bureaucratic organizations but they control the production of knowledge in capitalist societies (ie. Research institutions, universities) • Oppressive structures that are interested in expanding their influence throughout society • Close ties with capitalist interests • Criticism of Positivism ◦ Positivism: Refers to a system of thought which recognizes only that which can be scientifically verified or logically proved ▪ Developed by Comte ◦ Claims of Positivism: ▪ Science is
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