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SOCIOL 2S06 - Analysis of Conflict/Groups

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McMaster University
David Young

Friday, February 15 , 2013 A) Analysis of Conflict B) Analysis of Interaction in Groups - The size of groups can shape social interaction within groups a. Dyads - Groups that are made up of just two people o Friendships o Marriages o Business partnerships  Dyads do not have an independent structure because if one person leaves the dyad cannot continue. In order to continue both parties will have to be fully committed to the relationship o What’s necessary for the dyad to continue?  Trust and closeness between those two people  The members of the dyad will share their personal thoughts, feelings, goals  A dyad will continue as long as both parties are still getting satisfaction out of it, if the satisfaction discontinues for one or both, the dyad will dissolve  There are formal rights and rules that are sometimes established  act to give dyad’s more stability and durability and also help to spell out what is going to happen if the dyad falls apart  Marriages and business partnerships are recognized by governments and courts b. Triads - Groups that are made up of three people - They do have an independent structure, if one of the three people does leave, the group can continue in two ways: 1) To have the to remaining members recruit a new third member. 2) If they cannot find a new third member to complete the triad, the group can survive as a diad. - Rules or goals  all members of the triad have to subscribe to or agree to - Can also be efforts that all three members are abiding by these rules and goals  The formation of coalitions o Example: two members of a three-way business partnership uniting against a third member. If one member of this three-way business partnership who decided not to respect the goals, the other two members may form a coalition, to get the third member back in line. - Two person group which then takes on a third person and reforms as a triad, the nature of the relationships changes. o Example: Two best friends, but both of them become close to a third person, that is going to change the nature of the original relationship. An alter will happen because of the inclusion of the third person. o Example: Husband and wife have a child, the relationship between the husband and wife will change in some way. o The size of the group does affect the social interaction that takes place. c. Small groups - Are made up of four or more members - Unity within the group comes from face to face interaction and intimacy - There can be arguments and conflict - There are in these groups informal rules which are developed to deal with disunity and control the behaviour of deviant members o Example: Street gangs are bound by close ties and loyalty, but these str
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