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Fox 1 Lecture 6 SOCIOL 2S06 Thursday September 26, 2013  Emile Durkheim A) Early Years:  Born in France in 1858  Jewish background (rejected this when he hit his teenage years)  Father, grandfather and great grandfather were all rabbis  He was fascinated by the role of religion in society  Had a close-knit and supportive family  Through his family he learned the importance of hard work & saving money B) Education:  From the very beginnings of his education, Durkheim excelled and was an outstanding student in so that, he jumped ahead 2 full classes I. Studies in College: o Due to his hard work and intelligence, he was given entry to a prestigious college in France o Studied scientific methods and moral principles rather than latin II. Interest in Sociology: o Comte has coined the term sociology in the 1830’s o He thought sociology could help him in terms of understanding pressing social issues contributing to the improvement of French society C) Early Employment:  Working as a high school teacher near Paris teaching philosophy  Did a study for the French ministry of education for 1 year  The study involved an evaluation of German universities (improving them by studying the system)  Had to travel to Germany to do some of the research and went to the University of Berlin  Max Weber was a student there at the time of Durkheim’s research (came very close to meeting) Fox 2 Lecture 6 D) Developing Social Science:  After completing the study, Durkheim went back to France as a high school teacher  As a result of his experiences he started to develop some ideas about how he could contribute to the development of the social sciences in France  He published a number of articles indicating how developments in German social science could actually be useful in building French social science  Argued that French academics could learn a thing or two from German academics in the social sciences  Started working on a Ph.D. = Must prepare a dissertation (thesis) E) University Researc
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