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Fox 1 Lecture 12 SOCIOL 2S06 Thursday October 17, 2013 CLASS Weber’s Understanding of Class  Class: An aggregate of people who happen to occupy a common situation in a market and therefore have similar economic circumstances and life chances  Market: Includes the buying and selling of what Weber called utilities  Utilities: Include two things o Material Goods: Mainly property, as well as products o Human Services: Personal skills and labor power  Weber sees classes as economic categories that are based on either property or services Comparison to Marx  Marx distinguished between those who have property (Bourgeoisie) and those who have services (Proletariat)  Weber sees two classes with property and two classes with services Weber’s Four Classes  The bourgeoisie o Own property o These are owners of large amounts of property  Factory owners  The petty bourgeoisie o Own property o Owners of small amounts of poverty  Farmers or small business owners  The intelligentsia and specialists o Offer services o Salaried non-manual employees  Scientists, technicians , civil servants or managers  The proletariat o Offer services o Wage-earning manual laborers o Sell their labor power on the market MIDDLE CLASSES Weber’s Analysis of Middle Classes  Argued that the petty bourgeoisie would gradually decline with the development of capitalism o There would be fewer and fewer opportunities to be self-employed  Stated that the intelligentsia and specialists would continue to grow with the development of capitalism o This class would expand because they would be needed within the bureaucratic structures Comparison to Marx  Marx talked about the petty bourgeoisie as well and argued that they would gradually decline as capitalism developed o Marx and Weber are in agreement about this  Marx focused on different reasons for the decline of the petty bourgeoisie o Thought they would decline because of growing ownership concentration  As these big companies emerge they buy up smaller companies  Small business owners are going to disappear as they are absorbed by larger businesses  Marx treated the intelligentsia and the specialists as extensions of the bourgeoisie because they would carry out tasks on behalf of the bourgeoisie o Thought that a lot of these people would fall down into the proletariat  Argued that lots of these people would b
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