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David Young

Families trends – Contemporary fams  Common law families ( cohabiting couples) are growing  Less than half the cnd population had even been married  Common laws fams are growing 5 times faster than married couples  Same sex relationships are also increasing by the same rate o 5 times faster than the o Higher proportion of couples living without any children than with them  Includes the emptinesters, people who raise children and are not out of home  Family size has decreased  Increased the amount of time couples are empty nesters o David pocino says families are in crisis and in decline, others says its just a different way of life o Stephanie cootes  when politicians people make such an argument (david cootes argument) they are taking our families and holding them up to a standard of a perfect family that never existed o Bread winner and stay home, mom, not perfect, social reform  We need to recognize the diversity and family and adapt to those Contemporary trends / Marriage  Most Canadians get married, many get divorced and remarry  Married couple families are the most common family structure in Canada  Married-couple family with children aged 24 and under is largest family structure but declining  Women having finanacial secutiy enables them to forgo marriage all together  Another trend  postponing marriage  Growing number of ple wanting to stay single/ or cohabit increasing and commuter marriages increasing  Higher age at first marriage for both m/f o Due to social movements, education, women empowerment o Manu sector declining Divorce  Divorce increasing  Manufacturing sector declinging  Women working in service sector have financial stability to exist marriages  30-40% couples are expected to divorce  50% American couples are divorced  Historically – people would live separately and not publically come out as being divorced  Families manamge to divorce mutually without formal legalization of divorce  Second marriages have a higher rate of divorce than first marriages  Impact of divorce on children is variated  Contrary to whats written – socio research says there is a lot of variation Cohabitation  Increasing, esp. Quebec  Growing in terms of couples, and couples having children  Some cases its trial, in others its chosen over marriage (could have been previously divorced of not)  More popular among young people, but increased for all ages over time  Fist comes love, then comes cohabitation (Article)  worry about how you are going to live without a microwave not other things. o Rent is expensive, when you are in a relationship and always spending time with one person why not just live with them o People don’t get married as it is expensive o Historically there are a lot of stigma in living together  Common law rel were considered dangerous  Article: o Couple 1: jassie skinner – lived with gf for years doesn’t see a point in living together and there is a possibility of divorce (which his
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