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David Young

Transition to Parenthood  Focus is transition to mother  And looking at social context  Work of parenting and how its diff across time periods and cultures  2013- parenting is diff than parenting in industrialized countries  Socio research tells us: o Social context – birth and parenthood isnt just about bio body, but also social relations like b/t medical and women, and mothers and fathers in the larger society they are imbedded in, social support (post partum depression)  Social support – critical during labour and delivery  Gender difference in parenthood  2013 in canada – w take primary res for caregiving, in private context, lack of social support due to this privitized living Medicalized Childbirth (MC)  Toronto hospital in late 1990s  Term mc – women give birth in hospitals  Also the context of med intervention like pain relief like epidurals are used Feminist Critique of Medicalized Childbirth Return to midwifes – result of mc Criticism about having babies in hospitals 1. Having docs supervise decreases women control over their bodies 2. Alienates them from their experience as its medicalized 3. Docs nurse – they define childbirth in a med condition kinda way – they says its hazardous even though it never requires medical intervention in the past around the world 4. Having a baby is more than just body but also socio, psych, emotional, self, spirituality, social connections  the med look shifts the wellbeing of mom to baby; success is the health of the baby and not the mother itself 5. Not does the med only alienate women, but caesarean and other med interventions are dangerous to women and their babies – like epidural 6. Also these risks can be emotion and psych like postpartum depression (ppd) – increase in med = increase in ppd 7. More med intervention – the more pain relief and tech, they experience high risks of ppd, they lose control over their bodies and so it’s less satisfying for them 8. Social relations in child birth parallels social relationships in capitalisms (owners and workers) women are unskilled workers and docs are managers Worts and Fox  Wanted to examine mc and evaluate the fem critique  They challenge the fem critique  The absence of med inter (like epidural and meds) – did not result in empowerment or more satisfaction for women  Women with med inter did not result in women feeling alienated or disempowered  Fem critique is inadequate and does not explain all factors  What factors impact childbirth experience for women then? – biggest thing is amount of social support  Pos or neg exp is determined by amount and quality of support they received during, before and after having the baby, also whether the caregiving was shared or not (support they got after they got home with baby)  Women with more social su
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