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David Young

Childhood and Childrearing  Toilet training – socio say its not bio but social construction o Diff ideas about when child is ready like age  When child can be independent from parent  Recently kids are seen as more innocent and need for care  Kids are blank slate and need to develop them  Period of childhood – recent concept  Seen as innocent and need for care from mothers  Need protection  Earlier centuries – were immersed into adulthood sooner, dressed the same, worked and childhood was not a unique time, weren’t shielded  Child hood is not prolonged and are more depended on parents  Social reformers – lead by union activists and first wave feminist – fought for child labour laws  Psych was expanding – geared to moms (1900s) influences by meds and focused on infant mortality due to safety, lack of vaccinations, inadequate infrastructure and healthcare  Focused on advice given to moms about hygiene, domestic labour was extensive, advised women for toilet training, tight and ridged schedules of children, and force them to play independently  This shift (mid 1900s) to emotional well being  Many critique this  Period following second world war – women had more time to focus on kids  Doc spock - Child rearing – not following tight ridged sched and enjoy mothering  Kids were psych vulnerable and needed proper support so they weren’t maladjusted  Women needs were secondary and focus on kids emotional needs Doctor Spock – Book (Baby and
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