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Lecture 3

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Sandra Colavecchia

1 Sociology 2U06: Family Sociology Sept. 15 2011 Lecture 3: Fox Chapters 1&2 and Essay information Chapter 1: “Conceptualizing Family” by Bonnie Fox and Meg Luxton - Discussion Question: o “Deep desires to be socially acceptable, to conform to parental wishes motivate many people to get married & form nuclear families” – Fox book  Do you feel social pressure from family/friends/media to form traditional nuc fam? - Examine definitions of family and implications o See podcast - Develop an inclusive definition of family o Focuses on goals & activities rather than specific roles o “ as the relationships that bring people together on an ongoing and daily basis to share resources for the sake of caring for children and each as the relationships that mobilize resources, especially for the sake of generational and daily reproduction... ... etc. (pg 13)” - Social Reproduction o “focusing on the relationships that gather and redistribute resources etc. etc. (pg 13 & ppt)” o How we get our basic needs met  Food  Social needs (caring for the sick, elderly, children)  Physical  Emotional  Mental - How recent gov’ts have operated in ways to undermine families o Neo-liberal economic policies tremendously traumatic for families  Neo-liberalism: individual responsibility  Family members taking responsibility for the individuals in their families  Very little or no gov’t interference in market  Don’t over regulate or regulate the market at all  Privatizing basic resources: water etc.  Can’t look to gov’t for help o E.g. 1994: Mike Harris elect as premier: huge protests as he cut so many basic social services including cuts to welfare and disability  Families left to pick up the slack o In particular women as they very often do the work of families - Given the fact that we have an absence of structure in place, most working families have trouble 2 Chapter 2: “The Unnatural Family” by Felicity Edholm - Nuclear family is problematic o Runs completely counter to tremendous anthropological evidence of diversity to family - Anthropological evidence (conception, incest, marriage etc) used to dispel idea of the naturalness of the monogamous heterosexual nuclear family living in a privatized household - Conception: o Assume all socs recognize bio mom and bio dad’s roles in c
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