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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Foraging Society.docx

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McMaster University
Sandra Colavecchia

1 Sociology 2U06: Sociology of the Family Oct. 3 2011 Lecture 8: Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Foraging Society Eleanor Leacock aka “Happy” - Feminist anthropologist - Researched American school system o Race, class, gender o Challenged the “culture of poverty theory” - Experienced sex discrimination which taught her that discrimination, not ability, limited women’s choices - Challenged capitalist ideas - Researched residence patterns after marriage o Found matrilocality existed - Focused on Marxist feminism o Link between development of patriarchy and social system - Renewed Engels theory - Gender inequality linked to hierarchy Chapter 4 of Fox: Women in Egalitarian Society: The Montagnais-Naskapi of Canada by Leacock - Study of Innu in Labrador - Historically gives us a perspective on our society and family structures Foraging Society - Economic mode of production shapes family life, living arrangements, and gender relations - Close relationship b/w production mode and family life - Marital and power dynamics o relative power of men and women in society - How we meet our basic needs vs. how we organize our family (gender?) - Non privatized living arrangements – benefits to women o Gender equality, childcare shared, check against male violence - Existed throughout history - 10-15 ppl living in one camp, membership fluid (personality based, not jus
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