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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Industrialization cont., Readings by Cott and Margolis.docx

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Sandra Colavecchia

1 Sociology 2U06: Family Sociology Oct 24 2011 Lecture 12: Industrialization cont., Readings by Cott and Margolis Capitalist Men & Professional groups: - Wanted to be on higher moral ground than aristocracy and lower class o Promoted themselves as FAMILY men who were only in business to suppor their families Emergence of the concept of “Family” (Nuclear Family): - Notion of nuclear fam as different and distinct - Idea is that nuc fam is very special relationships o Contrasts with preindustrial relationships  Didn’t see big diff btw nuc fam and others living in the home  Now affluent classes who can afford servants don’t see servants as part of the fam as they would have pre-industrial - Separation of private and public o Brings idea women and men are physiologically different  Women naturally more nurturing  Men naturally more suited to be breadwinners - Idea of womanhood changes to “Cult of True Womanhood”(this week’s readings) o Women had to adhere to these standards  Piety (being religious)  Purity (sexually speaking)  Submission (to husbands)  Domesticity  Self-sacrificing/selfless  Moral guardians  Nurturing o Are these characteristics still salient today? Readings: - Cult of motherhood, cult of domesticity etc. o Relating to public of men vs. private of women - Quote: “In everything I must consult the interest, the happiness and the welfare of my husband… may it be my constant study to make him contented and happy and then will my own happiness be sure” – women in 1822, pg 115 o Q 1: What does this quote tell us about women’s roles during this period?  Idea of basing your happiness on someone else’s happiness o Q 2: How does this compare to your own views about women and marriage? o Follow up Q: “My happiness is dependent on making my partner happy”  Agree or disagree? 2 - See for the very first time in history that women are solely responsible for raising kids to be moral o Cult of domesticity is the idea that you derive your sense of self from your work as a wife/mom  Vocation in life is work in home  Writers at this time describe this as women’s natural vocation  Idea that women are naturally predisposed to this - One of the biggest changes in industrial is motherhood is women’s only vocation o Pre-industrial: fathers determined fate of kids  gave farm to eldest son, got dowrys for daughters, apprenticeships for sons o Changes of industrialization means fathers cannot provide for kids same way they could’ve in the past  These classes looking for new strategy to ensure success of children  Writers argue this problem solved by role of motherhood o Idea that kept kids at home and in school longer o Became women’s role to teach them values like hard work, self control and domestic skills (for the daughters) Margolis: - Shift from paternal to maternal responsibility o Q: reflecting on your own childhood, parenting was a _______ responsibility a. Maternal b. Paternal c. Shared o Class results: almost even between mater
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