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Sandra Colavecchia

th Sociology 2U06: Family Sociology Nov. 24 2011 Lecture 21: Sexuality Topic: - Sexuality - Fox Chapters 13, 14, 15 Sexuality - Social organization of sex and ideas about sex are not static o Conditions under which sexual contact and behaviours are acceptable vary by individuals, by social context, by historical context  i.e. 19 Century: sexuality as a means for reproduction only, any sexual conduct outside of the realm of trying to have a baby was seen as wrong/deviant  Sexuality not as a means of who you are (gay, straight etc.) but only as a means of reproduction  Even married people were to restrain themselves from intentionally non- reproductive sex - Brainstorm examples of how ideas about sex vary over time and place, and may be situation al or specific o Is sex clearly tied to marriage today? Or has this connection disappeared? o To what extent do we continue to label certain sexual behs or experiences? (I.e. as heterosexual, homosexual etc.) - Many of the social changes that took place following industrialization impacted family life and sexuality o More constraints pre-industrial in terms of sexual relationships, choice of sexual partners, choice of sexual timing o Under industrialization  Wage work and move to urban centres gave them more autonomy, more privacy  Young people living away from parents, away from scrutiny of them and their community members  Could engage more freely in sexual activity that was not confined to marriage  Sexual exploration more possibly - Both hetero and homosexual  Emergence of clearly defined gay communities in some urban centres  Literation on sex research, sex scholarship  Some of these labelling homosexuality as deviant o Home might some of the contemporary trends in family life, such as delayed home leaving and boomerang kids or the sandwich gen or transnational fams, impact our sexualities, our sexual relationships? How choices about sex? Our choices of sexual partners? o How might sexual practices be affected by other trends in family life? Or broader social trends and social change? o Try to imagine what sexuality in Canada will look like in a few years. What might family life and sexuality look like in the future? o To what extent is non-heterosexual sex seen as deviant in contemporary Canadian soc? - 1900s characterized by a growth in materialism and consumerism, one of the things being sold was heterosexual romance o Effort aimed to connect heterosexuality to marriage o Is hereto romance enforced by the products we buy? Heterosexuality: contested ground - Argues that heterosexuality is socially constructed - Critiques long-standing ideologies about sex, men, women & desire - Examines widely held view that hetero is natural and that there is a fundamental attraction btw men and women that is based on differences in physiology o Critique:
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