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Sandra Colavecchia

1 Sociology 2U06: Family Sociology January 23 2012 Lecture 28: Paid and Unpaid Labour concluded, Paid and Unpaid Labour: - Gerson, Study of Men o 2 groups of men who in their early years did not want to become traditional breadwinners  1. Reluctant fathers/breadwinners (eventually become tradintional breadwinners)  Wasn’t a change in attitudes or beh, more to do with social forces and the options it opens up for them to cause a change in their lifeplan o Employment opportunities  Upward mobility o Married to wives who didn’t work full time  Needed to make this commitment 1 o Had kids  Desire to sustain these connections o Over time these factors eroded this desire for freedom  Begin to characterize that earlier freedom as emptiness, selfishness and loneliness  2. Stably autonomous (do NOT become breadwinners)  Few got married or stayed married o If did, wives were in full time employment - Jane Gaskell, study of high school students in 1970s o Argue against gender role socialization as the major push for this foray into traditional gender roles o Girls were not traditional in terms of their beliefs  Didn’t accept the dominant ideology that female domesticity is the ideal role for them  Therefore, suggesting its not about gender socialization that leads us to these traditional gender roles o Gender socialization had not been enough to say that unpaid labour was a good sphere for them o Recognized that housework was not glamourous and had ambilivant feelings about motherhood  Suggest it has to do more with structural forces  In spite of this, girls and boys envisioned traditional gender roles for themselves in the future  Girls still envisioned that they would take care of the majority of the unpaid labour 2  WHY?  Key findings:
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