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Sandra Colavecchia

1 Sociology 2U06: Sociology of the Family Feb. 13 2012 Lecture 33: Gender Readings: - Chapter 23 Fox – Scott Coltrane “Household labour and the routine production of gender” - Chapter 24 Fox – Gillian Dunne “Lesbians at Home: Why can’t a man be more like a woman?” Coltrane - West and Zimmerman’s developed the framework of “doing gender” o Idea that gender is not static o Gender is something we do in our everyday interactions with eachother o Something we accomplish - Gender is: emergent, built, enacted, fluid, negotiated, contested, examined, questioned, critiqued, problematized, and challenged. - It’s the doing of gender that is connected to gender inequality - Snowball sample of 20 married hetero dual earner couples o Moderate to middle-income couples o At least 2 kids o Women were more likely to hold professional or technical jobs  Women earned less than half of husbands on average  Still able to negotiate greater involvement of husbands in childcare though  Sharing of childcare o Men more likely blue-collar and white-collar o Women worked fewer hours a week than men o Married later and have children latter o Coltrane wanted to know  How these couples negotiate unpaid labour  Early care (newborns) vs. later care o In about ¾ of the couples the mother preformed early care – breastfeeding o Dads involved in everything else – diaper changes etc. o These were men who wanted to be fathers and were excited to be involved o All of the men shared in later care  Shared much of the unpaid labour but still some conforming to household labour
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