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Sandra Colavecchia

1 Sociology 2U06: Family Sociology March 8 2012 Lecture 38: Family Violence cont. Topics - Catherine Kaukinen – Canadian victimization data on physical and emotional abuse experienced by women in their intimate relats Kaukinen - Looked to see how abuse is related to gender/status compatibility – meaning comparing the man and woman in terms of employment status, income and education (SES) o 3 groups:  1. Status parity: egalitarian couples – relatively equal in terms of SES  2. Status incompatibility: traditional – man has greater SES  3. Status incompatibility: status-reversal – woman has greater SES - Competing theoretical perspectives around the cause of violence on women/ why women don’t leave o Dependency perspectives  Risk of violence on women is greater when woman is in a dependent position in marriage  Lack of economic resources, etc.  Levels of violence are lower-risk in group 1 than they are in group 2 o Stress frustration theories  Economic disadvantage elevates conflict and violence in relas  Risk factors for violence:  New relas  Young couples – more volatile  Cohabitation instead of marriage o Feminist perspective on gender-based power  Cause of violence in rooted in gender, in our defs of masc and femininity  Gender defs help explain why men resort to violence  Explains man-to-woman violence on group 3  High SES for the woman doesn’t protect her o Threatens his sense of masc, his manhood etc. o Abuses her to assert his traditional role - Research and Findings o Self report survey - Asked about physical violence and emo abuse on women in past 5 y
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