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Chiappetta- Swanson

Family tutorial – Dec. 3  Which term refers to people who occupy the same dwelling  A) a household  According to the text what does the standard NA family refer to  D) Nuclear Family  What is a major contribution of the symbolic interactionist theory  A) an expansion of concepts about roles in families.  Which of the following is a stage in Dubal and Millers 8 stage family life cycle  Child bearing families  Which form of research involves changing conditions deliberately and observing changes in the results  experiment  What describes adolescent girls compared to ad. Boys.  Girls less likely to commit violent crimes  Which type of families show the greatest increase according to the 2006 census  common law families  Candy has cerebral palsy and spends most of her day in a wheelchair but she spends her time in a regular classroom  mainstreaming  Which of the following best describes children born to mixed race parents  They often feel as they don’t fit in with either racial group  Which term is used when a person from a minority takes on the norms of the majority  assimilation  What does the breath of poverty refer to  poor health and illiteracy  Risks for poverty  B) immigrants who have been in Canada less than 10 years  Why are poor children often limited in their ability to form relationships and have poor social skills 
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