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Sandra Colavecchia

Sociology 2U06 Families and Industrialization Chapter 7: Heraven:  “Dynamics of Kin in an Industrial Community”  (1880-1930) Kin networks among French Canadians who migrated to Manchester New Hampshire (USA)  Families who needed support didn’t have the state to rely on so they relied on their kind network  Kin network, not just in Manchester (some back in Quebec or other locations)  Usually included siblings and parents, sometimes more distant relatives: o Could include in-laws o Usually crossed two generations o Kin networks could expand by marriage  Provided resources, labour, childcare  Offer help because they know they may need help some day o Exchange Theory  Calculations based on cost and benefit o Many individuals, mostly women, didn’t follow this and subordinated their own happiness and interests for their families  Kin Keepers = usually the eldest daughter, kept the family cohesive, mediate conflicts and plan events o May have been provided women prestige and power o Women had tremendous responsibilities they needed to fulfill o Married either later or not at all  Chain migration: one person moving at a time in a kin network  Capitalist owner of the textile mill approved of this  Kin members would train their kin at the mill, both in and out of work  Owners: o Didn’t have to spend money to recruit o Didn’t have to spend money to train o Didn’t have to spend money for new workers place to live  The family is instrumental in industrialization  Industrialization created a sex division of labour Bradbury:  Study of working class life in 19 century Montreal based on archival records  C
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