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Interpretive Approach A. Aims to understand the experiences of people in society B. Major figures and schools of though  1) Max weber – developed the concept of ‘verstahen’ – this means empathetic understanding  He said that socio need to understand individual behaviour by putting themselves in that persons shoes  2) George Herbert mead – influenced by the interpretive approach and what weber had said, and built upon it  Mead was mostly interested in micro (unlike weber)  He talked about the interpretive role of taking on the role of other  He said we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others to get a perspective on thing they say/do  Mead also focused on symbols in social interaction  This included things like language, symbols, the non-verbal clues or body language – these symbols are learnt, shared and interpreted  3. Schools of thought – chapter 2 i. Symbolic interac
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