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Multistage cluster sampling  What is it? - Sampling tech that proceeds in stages and gives each sampling unit an equal chance of being selected at each stage  There is no list to draw upon for sampling  No sampling frame  i.e. there is usally no list of all the adults that live in a city (and if there was one it would be out dated)  the procedure in the multistage cluster sampling – there could be all kinds of problems that may come up at any given stage o 1. List and randomly select the primary sampling units  This may be subsections of cities like wards or zones or census tract areas  We would use street directories and list all the subsections of the cities and number them  Then we use simple random sampling or systematic sampling to select a sample of subsections - suppose to picked 4 subsections o 2. List and randomly select the secondary sampling units  The primary sampling units would be the subsections  The city blocks would be the secondary sampling units - graph 5 o 3. List and randomly select the final sampling units  These will be houses (graph 5)  Then you may contact the households asking if they would be willing to participate in the questionnaire Non probability sampling (used in qualitative studies)  What is it? – involves sampling tech that are not based on random selection  These types of tech are used on qualitative, especially field, research  Strengths of non- prob tech: o They make it possible to generate samples fairly easily and often quickly o Some of these sampling tech make it possible to generate samples of specialized populations that are difficult to locate  Weakness: o They generate samples that are questionable in terms of the
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