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David Young

Politics, ethics and research A. The politics of research 1. What do political issues involve  They involve the substance and use of research 2. Some of the ways that poli issues can affect research  Choice of research topic  When a researcher selects a topic of research, he is making a political decision because he is ‘this topic is more worthy of study than another topic’  i.e. Marxist (radical poli views) and functionalist (conservative poli views) will see important research topics differently  Marxist will want to challenge status quo – change society  Functionalist will want to defend status quo – ensure the stability of society  Funding for research  We have to pay attention to the poli priorities of institutions  This can affect what research is selected for funding  i.e. in Canada we have a body known as social science and humanities research council (SSHRC) – provides money to researchers here from the federal gov.  the fed gov is always interested in the research the gov can use for policy work – policy application  hence sshrk is more inclined to fund for research that can be used for policy application  there are also other agencies for research including ‘natural sciences and engineering research council’ (NCERC)  Canadian institutes of health research
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