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David Young

the sampling frame  what is a sampling frame – list of elements from which a probability sample is selected  some sources for a sampling frame  organizational membership lists are used to sampling individuals – i.e. lists of students or faculty, employees of a company, members of professional associations  another example is a government agency list – gov agencies maintain lists of registered voters, automobile owners, business permit holders, license professionals  telephone directories – less used now but important in socio research over past decades, used to sample individuals  lists of organizations – used to sample organization  street directories – city blocks and households (we will learn why this is important later)  these are five different sources of sampling frames  we need to keep in mind that there are problems with sampling frames, two specific type of problems o 1. Access – public, like telephone and street directories are public and easy to draw samples from them  Problem occurs when the gov lists and other such lists are not public o 2. Accuracy – these lists may be out of date or incomplete o I.E organizational membership lists – people joining or leaving organizations – out of date  i.e. telephone directories are incomplete, and many people have no landlines Simple random samp
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