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David Young

Systematic sampling  What it is? – sampling technique that gives each sampling unit in the pop an equal chance at being selected in the sample by choosing every Nths (N is a number, i.e fifth, sixth etc) unit, starting randomly  This is similar to simple random sampling, but advantage of this is that it is not at tedious, or laborious o 1. Get a sampling frame and number the sampling units  We have a list of 10 000 undergrads at a uni  We want a sample from that list for our study o 2. Determine the sampling interval  Sampling interval is the standard distance between the units selected for inclusion in a sample  This is calculated by dividing the population size by the sample size  So we divide 10 000 by 1000 (sample size)  10 = sample interval o 3. Select the random sample using the sampling interval  We go back to our table of numbers between 0 and the value of our sampling interval  Then we would repeatedly be moving down the list the value of that sampling interval  So we need to select a number between 0 – 10  That is going to be our starting point for selecting our sample  Suppose to hit 5, then we must move down by 10s  Hence 15, 25, 35 get selected o 4. Ensure that there is no periodicity in the list – periodicity refer a cyclical pattern that coincides with the sampling interval  i.e. every 10 student is a social science student which is not a good representative of the population stratified sampling
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