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Cyril Levitt

GEOG 2RC3 GEOGRAPHY OF CANADA Winter 2014 Dr. W. G. Peace Assignment: Topic 2 Thinking Like a Teacher Some students in this course might be contemplating a career in teaching. The goal of this assignment is to ‘think like a teacher’ by preparing: (i) a rationale or justification for including geography in the Ontario secondary school curriculum; (ii) a critical commentary on a specific lecture given by Dr. Peace in this course (see below); and (iii) an outline of a lecture you would give in a Geography of Canada course (see below). Your written assignment will consist of three parts: 1. A rationale/justification for teaching the geography of Canada in Ontario high schools. (Why should it be taught?). Your rationale should be 1 ½ to 2 pages in length. 2. A critical commentary on one of the following lecture topics given in this course. • The Peopling of the Americas (to be given around January 21) • The Search for Truth in the Social Sciences/The Tradition of Regional Geography (to be given around February 11) Your critical commentary should be 1½ to 2 pages in length. 3. An outline of a lecture you would give on the topic of Canada’s human geography. Include in your outline: • a summary of ideas/themes you would cover in your lecture • a statement of your goals – what would be the purpose of your lecture?; what would you hope to achieve, i.e., what would be the learning outcome of your lecture? • how will you present your ideas?; what methods would you use? • suggested readings from the text (Bone) and at least three other sources. Q: Faculty Documents/Peace/GEOG 2RC3 Geography of C
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