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Dr.Lina Samuel

Lecture 1 Introduction to Social TheorySoc 3A03 Classical Social TheoryMay 6 2014AgendaIntroduction to the courseCourse Outline please have a copy with you Course Description TextOutline ExpectationsWhy study theoryScientific TheoriesEnlightenment PoliticalEconomic Upheavals Industrialization Capitalism Urbanization SecularizationORDER and ACTIONWhy Study Theory Based on Chapter 1 of your TextTheory is vital to making sense of social life because it holds assorted observations and facts togetherFacts make sense only because we interpret them using preexisting categories and assumptions that is theories The importance of formal sociological theorizing is that it makes assumptions and categories explicit hence open to examination scrutiny and reformulationBy classical sociological theory we mean the era during which sociology first emerged as a discipline and was then institutionalized in universitiesthe mid19th to early 20th centuriesYet the purpose of this book is to provide students not only with core classical sociological readings but also a framework for comprehending them In the introductory chapter we discuss 1 what sociological theory is 2 why it is important for students to read the original works of the core figures in sociological theory 3 who these core theorists are and
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