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Lecture 3

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Fox 1 Lecture 3SOCIOL 3H06Monday September 22 2014Research Techniques and Data Analysis Math Review Levels of MeasurementOrganizing DataLast LectureThe Scientific MethodInductive versus deductive reasoningWhat is a variableIndependent versus dependent variablesConceptualization and operationalizationUnit of analysisSubstantive examplesCountry Music ControversySameSex Marriage ControversyTodayReadingsLevin et al Ch 2 Appendix EChapter 3 Conceptualization and Measurement from Fundamentals of Social Work Research posted on Avenue Rafael J Engel Russell K SchuttAdditional definitionsBasics of mathematicsLevels of measurementOrganizing dataDefinitionsStatistics The science of collecting displaying and analyzing dataData The plural of datumCollections of numbers about a particular topic or set of topicsCommon mistake this data ACTUALLY these dataWhat Do Data Look Like SPSS Variable name ColumnVariable value NumbersValue attached to these variables Fox 2 Lecture 3
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