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Lecture 2

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Gail Coulas

thSociology 3HH3 Sociology of Health Sept 13 2012 Lecture 2 Social Construction of Health Part 1 Social Construction of HealthWe create it as a socWe determine theHealth of Population o If we didnt would we not all get a cold at the same time as we are all essentially identical biological beings o Doesnt work that way though o Epidemiology Disease and illness patterns o Means there is something more than bio going onDoes not dismiss the bio but does address issue that we are not all equal in the face of disease and health Social Nature of HealthIllnessBeliefs we have effect what we see as an issue and who we seek assistance from When do you decide that your symptoms are bad o What particular signs and symptoms does your culturesoc deem badNot all socs deem the same signs and symptoms as badWho do you go to o Doctor shamanInteraction btw culture and physical setting affects individual Health of pop not of individualHealth patterns o What groups of people do Illness vs DiseaseDiseaseo Related to changes in different organs in body o Changes caused by pathogenic agent ie germ o Leads to signs and symptomsvisist healer o Biomed modelAn objective biophysical phenomenonIs visiblemri blood xray etcPathogenico Can be spec or generalized
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