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Lecture 3

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Gail Coulas

thSociology 3HH3 Sociology of Health Sept 20 2012Lecture 3 Recap TheoriesIatrogenesis PART 1 RECAPHealth is sociologically constructedTo be sociologicaluse soc imag o DurkheimPrivate is publicSocial structure affects the individualvice versaApply ratespatterns to create a body of knowledge to see what social life isConceptstheoriesresearch attempts to do thisBe wary of focus groupshard to generalize one group to whole pop o Have to have rates ideasnumbers from focus groups from all over in order to generalizeSoc as empirical science o Process how we organize our lifeHow we create life so that it runs efficientlyie buses running on time etcUnder these conditions this is the most likely type of beh that will occurDue to understanding patternsNOT social workdont fix analyzeSoc of Health o What creates health o What works and what doesntDurkheimSuicide o Optimal level of social solidarity for healthToo much too littlesuicide Use this to create a theoretical framework2 Types of Theories o Theories of OrderEvolutionaryOffer SLOW change o Theories of ConflictChangeRevolutionary changefast o Allow us to take framework look at our processpatternratestry to explain them5 key elements of Soc perspective o Look at nonunique eventsEveryday events not the bizarreie Obese kids
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