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Fox 1 Lecture 2SOC 3U03Tuesday September 16 2014KinseyMovieHow does Kinseys family dynamic influence his attitudes toward sexualityoA His family becomes completely opposite than to what he experienced growing upWhat was sex education like before Kinsey taught the courseoA Persuading people not to have sexoHygiene class prof was teaching abstinence Characterize public attitudes prior to Kinseys research on sexualityoA Very scandalous but a best seller What was Kinseys position on human sexualitysexual perversionsoA Just scienceObjective in pursuitsWhat was the public response and the customs response to Kinseys research findingsoA Customs censored his material in 1990sone or 2 questions might end up on midtermAmerican SexologyAlfred Kinsey et al st1 major figure in American Sexology 1933Recorded variety of sexual mores and practices of AMsThis unprecedentedResearch was empiricaloObjective social facts about human sexual behavioroRespondents asked series of questions about sexual activityoEg age of first premarital sex frequency of sexual activity number of partners etcoFound variations in sexual practices that contradicted popular beliefs about appropriate heterosexual marital sexualityKinseys FindingsChallenged conventional notions of sexual normality and pathology Kinsey interviewed 17000 AMsCorrelated a series of sexual practices with occupation and social class education gender and marital statusSexual practices of men addressed in included masturbation heterosexual petting marital intercourse sources of erotic arousal nudity oral eroticism sexual positions Sexual practices of women addressed included marital and premarital orgasm masturbation and orgasm petting and orgasm extra marital relsA lot of attention paid to womens orgasmsoBecause of Freudian theories of normal female sexual response
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