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Rhona Shaw

Fox 1 Lecture 3SOC 3U03Tuesday September 23 2014American SexologyBetween 19221948 sexologists increasingly interested inThe nature of the orgasm in both men and womenTreating obstacles to its achievement via Sexual Therapy as Orgasmotherapyie helping heterosexual married couples reach orgasm via medical scienceAmerican Sexology claimed to be able toScientifically delineate the nature of orgasmsBy mapping the physiological processes of orgasm By drawing on theories methods findings of other disciplinesThis scientific approach to sex allowed sexologists toClaim to being a distinct disciplineWere different from urologists gynecologists psychologistspsychoanalystsPossessed own specialized area of knowledge and expertise Were experts in this area in ways others were notMastersJohnsonMastersJohnsonPioneered research into nature of human sexual responseFocused on diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions between 19571990s19571965recorded some of the 1st laboratory data onThe anatomy of physiology of human sexual response Directly observedengaged in coitusObserved an est 10000 complete cycles of sexual responseFindings debunkedassumptions about nature of female sexual arousalCoauthored 2 classic texts in field of sexologyHuman Sexual Response 1966Human Sexual Inadequacy 1970Both of books were bestsellersWere translated into 30 languagesKinsey et al focused onThe frequency of certain sexual behaviors within the populationUtilized personal interview methodIn contrast MJ studiedThe structure psychology and physiology of sexual behaviorObservedmeasured masturbationsexual intercourse in the laboratory
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