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Lecture 6

SOCIOL 3X03 Lecture 6: SOC 3X03 25:01:16

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SOC 3X03 25/01/16 Test on chapters 1-5. Health and Healthcare • Healthy immigrant effect true for younger people but not older. the cultural gaps exist and are a problem. Some individuals are older and have no idea that some are curable. Caregiving • Immigrants seniors from collectivistic cultures often live with family members and receive care. • Non immigrant care givers are likely to take the person to the hospital or walk in clinic that provides care. Immigrant care givers might not have knowledge of these services and therefore might not take them and might be under the delusion that this is the way an older person should be. • Caregiving relationships can be stressful and lead to abuse, including abuse that disrespected cultural norms, and culture could legitimate abuse. Caregiving for Aboriginal Seniors • Aboriginal care emphaisizes interdependence and colelctivism • Traditional healing; the medicine wheel. • Those forced into residential schools did not have the knowledge that everyone else had. There are tiny communitities • Shortage of health care providers in rural areas. Biological Aging • Maximum life span-the maximum number of years a member of a species can live. 50/50 chance of making it to 104 • Life Expectancy-the number of years at birth an average member of a population can expect to live. Women 83. Men 79. • Intrinsic aging-changing within the body due to normal wear and tear, genetic mutation • Extrinsic aging-changes due to external circumstances like smoking and sunlight • Strhler’s four critera • Senescense-normal decline that take place in the body over time • Implication-older people are at higher risk of illness and death as the body’s functional capacity declines. • Different types of Theories. There is Programmed Theories, Error Theories, then other theories • Programmed Theory • Hayflick limit-cells only go on for so long. Referes to the number of cell division a cell can undergo in an organism before the cell dies; this limit differs for different species • Phase lll Phenomenon-studies found that cells took longer to double in number, debris accumulated. • Apoptosis-switches off cell’s ability to divide • Sarcopenia-muscl
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