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Weber continued
F) Recovery From collapse
o1905 he published the proletariat and spirit of capitalism
oIn 1909 he wrote “economy and society”
oTalking about religion, capitalism, stratification, power, rationalization
G) Later Years
oWar Effort
First world war began in 1914
Patriotic German
He enlisted as a reserve officer
Also served as a director of military hospitals
Became unhappy with the war
oReturn to University Employment
oTragedy and Death
Mother died in 1919
Younger sister died in 1920
Weber was diagnosed with Pneumonia and died in 1920
He died at the age of 56
H) Weber and 21st Century Society
Still used by sociologists today
Relevant to what we see around us today
His analysis of inequality
Came up with concepts that go behind class
Talked about domination, status and power
Religion and Capitalism
A) Key Aspects of Weber’s Thesis
oTwo protestant Doctrines
oReforming the catholic church didn’t work
oTwo of the major protestant nations were founded by Martin Luther – founded
Lutherism, John Calvin – founded Calvinism
oLuther`s concept of the calling
oCalvin`s focus on predestination
oThe impact of Luther`s doctrine
oLuther argued that all people are called to the service of God
oIt made Lutherins aware of the significance of their daily activities
oEncourage Lutherins to serve God by being very dedicated to their work
oPeople developed a strong work ethic
oThis helped capitalist enterprises to grow
oThe impact of Calvin`s doctrine
oGod already knows who is going to be saved and who is going to be damned
oThe fate of all people is predestined by God

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Weber continued F) Recovery From collapse o 1905 he published the proletariat and spirit of capitalism o In 1909 he wrote “economy and society”  o Talking about religion, capitalism, stratification, power, rationalization G) Later Years o War Effort • First world war began in 1914  • Patriotic German • He enlisted as a reserve officer  • Also served as a director of military hospitals • Became unhappy with the war  o Return to University Employment o Tragedy and Death • Mother died in 1919 • Younger sister died in 1920 • Weber was diagnosed with Pneumonia and died in 1920 • He died at the age of 56 H) Weber and 21  Century Society o Bureaucracy • Still used by sociologists today • Relevant to what we see around us today • His analysis of inequality   Came up with concepts that go behind class  Talked about domination, status and power Religion and Capitalism A) Key Aspects of Weber’s Thesis o Two protestant Doctrines o Reforming the catholic church didn’t work o Two of the major protestant nations were founded by Martin Luther – founded  Lutherism, John Calvin – founded Calvinism o Luther`s concept of the calling o Calvin`s focus on predestination  o The impact of Luther`s doctrine o Luther argued that all people are called to the service of God o It made Lutherins aware of the significance of their daily activities o Encourage Lutherins to serve God by being very dedicated to their work
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