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Lecture 40

SOCIOL 2S06 Lecture Notes - Lecture 40: Radical Feminism, Liberal Feminism

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David Young

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Types of second wave feminist theories
1) Liberal feminism. Denition: emphasises how women are
disadvantaged by cultural and ideological processes in
society. Focused on inequality
basis for inequality: it stems from socialization. Children learn
gendered behaviour from agents of socialization (family,
school, mass media etc.) Learn to adopt certain behaviour/go in
to certain occupations that are gendered (socially dened to be
masculine or feminine and are therefore considered
appropriate for their gender). Historically this has mean that
boys have been socialized to adopt behaviour like being
aggressive and independent, and going into careers like
Doctors, CEOs etc. Girls adopt behaviour like being submissive
etc., and are encouraged to go into careers like nursing and
administrative assistants. Men are socialized to have more
power than women
Their solutions focus on changing ideas in society. They suggest
policies to prevent sex role stereotyping, policies that will
discourage TV from representing people in stereotypical roles
(for kid’s TV). Policies to prevent workplace discrimination
(good for women who want to go into male dominated
2) Radical feminism: women are disadvantaged by the
existence of patriarchy in society. Focus on oppression
Basis for oppression: patriarchy (refers to a system of male
domination that is re3ected in the various institutions and
arrangements of society). The radical feminists created this
concept of patriarchy, but other feminists adopted it/used it
later. Patriarchy is linked to violence against women and girls
by men or male dominated institutions. Radical feminists
emphasized physical violence (rape, abuse, incest,
molestation, female infanticide, sadism in pornography).
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