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Lecture 10

SOCIOL 3B03 Lecture 10: CHAPTER 10 2012

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Tulsie Raghubir

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CHAPTER 10 - Multiculturalism as Canada-Building Governance
How do we do it?
“Canadians believe all citizens are equal before the law; on the other hand, should the cultural rights of
minorities be respected when their cultural practices clash with core mainstream values”
Balancing act with a double edged sword
Defining/Theorizing Multiculturalism
no set definition, can define it in many ways, (politically, socially, etc.)
process of engaging diversity, as different yet equal
it is NOT about promoting minorities/ethnocultural differences
Theorizing Multiculturalism
Conservative Models
Culture blind equality
Equal regardless of historical circumstances or economic injustices
Cultural differences rejected as grounds for recognition and reward
Everyone is equal before the law therefore entitled to the same treatment
Liberal Models
Integration and institutional inclusiveness
Acknowledge inequities may arise from imposing equal treatment on unequal situations
“Individuals should be treated equally (the same) as a matter of course, but may need to
be treated as equals (differently) when the situation arises.”
Recognition must be consistent with mainstream, values and cannot demand special reward or
recognition or block rights of others
Plural Models
No-holds-barred allegiance o embracing difference
Take cultural differences seriously even if they challenge existing patterns of power and privilege
Different group rights, Differential citizenship, Illiberal outlooks, Separate institutional
development, Hermetically sealed communities
Multiculturalism in Canada
Levels of Meaning of Multiculturalism
Multiculturalism as Fact
“what is” -> Canada is multi-cultural so descriptive wise it is accurate
Multiculturalism as Ideology
“what ought to be” -> a set of ideas and ideals
several ideas of a multicultural ideology;
cultural differences are important parts of a national “mosaic”
aware of differences
does not minimize diversity
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