SOCSCI 2O03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Intellectual Disability, Dysfunctional Family, 3 Women

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Published on 21 Apr 2013
McMaster University
Social Sciences
Canadian Children February 1, 2011
Guest Lecturer
Diane Esther
“Out of incest and Abuse: A Book of Hope”
affects every aspect of life; education, life partners, children etc.
98% of abusers are male
2 in 1 perpetrators of sexual abuse are female
revictimzed by society
1 in 3 women and in 5 men are victims of sexual abuse in their
childhood (think that figures are much higher)
3,000,000 women in Canada; 30,000 women and 15,000 men in
abuse is intergenerational
great grandfather father brother minister
1 in 70 are reported (child abuse); 1 in 125 are arrested, 1 in 250
are jailed or fined
o mentality of individual judge and courts have a lot to do with
abusers will not quite and accessibility is a part of that
average age of male offender is 14; each offender will have
between 200 and 380 offences in life if not caught
38 offenders caught in Hamilton; 24 were thrown out for lack of
cooperation and evidence
o 14,440 offences between the 38 offenders; for every one
caught he has committed a minimum of 5
abuse is the biggest factor of future attitudes of children and 82%
of social, health and legal problems have their roots in child abuse
and neglect
o every area of life is aversely affect by abuse
84% of adult survivors will attempt suicide; 95% will have poor self
o never wore anything except beige and grey (be unnoticed);
school was nothing but the utmost distressed because she felt
that she was stupid and that she had fooled the teachers into
being smart; thought daily that her husband would ask her to
leave and she would never see her kids again
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they punish themselves for being sexually abused because they are
„dirty‟ is their thought
found out her son was mentally retarded and she already thought
that she was a lousy, rotten mother so how would she be able to
help her son? (everyday resisted the urge to kill herself)
o believed that the solution was to kill herself and her son so
husband would get a better wife who was going to be better
for her son (youngest) and if she took her son she would be
getting him away from this world that was so bad to her it
would be worse for him
o somehow knew that this was not the solution; called
neighbour to take kids for safety and husband and her found
a psychiatrist poor self esteem
child abuse = thief; robs them of their self worth; power and
control in their own life; character assassination
o empty vessels (body) is not filled with the good power taking
events, but filled with shit
survivors couldn‟t talk about abuse because of no therapy but
because of this they couldn‟t tell the therapist what they needed;
endless circle
$5.6M for metal health issues
o 28,000 or 1/2 of 1% went for women and children issues
add to this the society fact of blaming the victim
police man was documented saying „you think she would learn‟ after
a women was raped for the second time in downtown Hamilton
male socialization is at the root sexism and male power which is at
the root of abuse
have to educate people on what abuse really means
140,000 elementary students in Ontario were asked to write stories
about their home; 60 of the stories brought about suspicion of child
abuse in their homes; school board is now questioning the wisdom
of that house due to innocent families being questioned
family impact if in the family shapes and sets up the child for life of
didn‟t see father till she was 5 years old (fighter in WWII); mother
neglected to tell her that he beat her up; married dad because he
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was the only one she could keep; first memories was stopping
beating her mother to come over and beat her because she was
hysterical (first lesson on how to rescue her mother)
abuse doesn‟t happen in a normal happy family; dysfunctional
families from day one; invented a recipe for abuse
o have tyranny
beats and abuses and purposefully isolates the family
no childhood friend in her home; were not allowed
to socialize
o vulnerability
on the part of her mom
her father beat her mother and sexual abuse in
the family too
o accessibility
mother went for work; father lost his job; her job to
make dinner
father talked nice to her, and than started to
abuse her
in that instant she knew that she was bad and
her family tree of abuse (intergenerational abuse)
Father Side Mother Side
Cuz1 Cuz2 D D S S D S
if you are abused; you are abused by more than one person
o sets you up for a life time of abuse because you have this
„victim personality‟
most sexual abuse takes place behind close doors
power structure differs between a nurturing home and an abused
F&M (nurturing family)
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