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Lecture 14

SOCSCI 2R03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Social Issue, Veronica Lake

Social Sciences
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David Penner

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Icons and Images
Movies and Us
- tell us what our culture thinks and how we think of women
- still the message is be thin, be intense, be ready for everything
- if you can’t be those things, be funny
- What do the movies have to say about women’s independence?
In Films even the Negative can be Positive
- even when a movie seeks to denigrate women, not capable of commanding your interpretation
- message of a film can be rejected and still make for a powerful experience
- audiences see what they want or need to see
- not easy or maybe even possible to manipulate a person to feel something that they do not feel
- one person’s villain is another’s hero
The Way we see Independence
- has to do with what we are looking for in terms of images
- film noir movies make the image that women who are strong destroy people…
ovs. world makes it hard for women who are strong
Femme Fatales
- may be notorious and the point of the films is to show that these women are dangerous
- mostly we are, male and female, captivated by their strength
The Cult of Marilyn Monroe
- icon of a woman who had it all - Did she have it all?
ohad beauty and problems with beauty/image
oeventually destroyed by her image
opaid for image with her own suffering; suffering makes her human
- canvas of men
omen and her image caused her destruction
- Did she have the thing we want and did she teach the lesson that others will destroy you for it?
Kael On Monroe
- not a prudish criticism of sexuality, a criticism of “cartoon” sexuality
- woman as an image of a woman
- The Grotesque
oinhuman pretending to be inhuman
owomen treated as meat with their flesh packaged on display
oflesh packaged on display of woman as a cartoonist may imagine her
- Monroe played at a male fantasy that insulted men and women
oManroe was an image of male’s ideal image for women
- no character, only displayed and ordered to be what people what her to be
The Grostesque as the Real
- Monroe was a degradation of the female image.
- grotesque as something to be celebrated and enjoyed as real.
- Monroe demonstrated as a type and not a person
onot what women really are
oparody of a women
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