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Lecture 16

SOCSCI 2R03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Glass Ceiling

Social Sciences
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David Penner

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Wage Gap
77 cents
o What women earn in relation to me
o "for working the same job"
o The president says the same thing
A Myth
o Differences in how jobs pay
o Same work almost same pay
o Women make less money
o Is being challenged
o Does this lead to other considerations?
Social Institutions and Profit Based Companies
o Equality in the former
o Sometimes different rates of pay
Reasons for Differences
o Hiring Practices
i. Glass ceiling
Women hired for all sorts of jobs
Not advanced up the ladder
Men are
Hit a ceiling
Not crude or lewd
It is: sexual harassment
Social phenomenon based on gender
Understand women in three ways - mothers, wives and daughters
Women who get close to top, might as well be men
Will not reach very top because this is "no fun"
Younger generation = same story
Women are attractive - and talked about as objects
Myth "it's over"
Do not want these jobs
Uncomfortable bargaining
Not as competitive
The nature of woman?
The compliment of passivity
Do not bargain
Women need more flexibility
Get paid less
Other responsibilities
What are women devoted to?
Glass ceiling and wage gap have an influence
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Gender division
Certain industries
"women's" jobs pay less
Janitors and maids
Caring professions
Actually 95 cents
Is that close enough?
How do you aspire
Adjust dreams?
Home or Work
Some women are delighted being at home
Some feel isolated
There is an opposition in Canada about this choice
They are critical of each other
Just wealthy women
Why is this only a choice for women?
Why do women have to make this choice alone and for themselves?
They also seem to have the luxury of the choice
How is money not a question?
Making the Decision
Even the financial freedom they have a tough choice
How do you make this choice?
It is an individual choice that cannot be decided culturally
How do you make the right decision?
Depending our decisions is something we do without much thought
We want to appear right
If we have no arguments, we use enthusiasm
Is this sincere?
Polarized voices
The desire to believe that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing
Self-fulfillment and/or a sense of isolation
Is fulfillment a good way of thinking about things?
Or are we more complicated than this?
The need for validation impacts the ways we think
Staying at home validated by the deeper engagement mothers have with their
Morally guide them
This is more important than enjoying the time to develop hobbies or your children
Teaching Morality
Morality is not a set of dictates but a way of being
Think and think again: reflect
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