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SOCWORK 1A06 Lecture Notes - Mixed Group, Bodily Integrity, Third Order

Social Work
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Sandra Preston

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March 11/2013
Social Work 1A06
Gender and Sexism
Gender as a Continuum
What is Gender?
- Socially constructed category
- First order physical characteristics
- Second order physical characteristics
- Third order physical characteristics
- Hormones
- Emotional and intellectual characteristics
- Oppression based on a person’s perceived gender. Male behaviours and characteristics are generally
perceived to be more valuable. Women are expected to fulfill particular roles which often disadvantage
- In a mixed group women are less likely to talk, more likely to be interrupted and less likely to start new
- In new topics, boys receive more attention and are called on more frequently
- Women are less likely to write for newspapers
- Women are also less likely to write for influential magazines
- How are women’s lives bounded by gender?
o Dress and appearance
o Bodily integrity
o Movement and space
o Violence
- How are men’s lives bounded by gender?
o Dress
o Violence
o Expression of emotion
Heterosexism or Women and Relationships
- Compulsory Heterosexuality
- The myth of Romance
- The tyranny of relationships
- Rigid definitions of family
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