SOCWORK 1A06 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Social Medicine

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Lecture 9: Social Work and Health Care
Early Health Care Provisions
- Originally, Canada had a casual heath care system
- Tommy Douglas wanted to make a change in Canada’s health
care system
oTommy Douglas was a Canadian politician
oKnown as the father of social medicine and universal
health care
oBelieved that health care should be available to everyone
- The government got involved in this issue
oBy 1958, all Canadian provinces had introduced universal
health care coverage
oUniversal Health care was achieved and complete by 1972
Privatization of Health Care
- Privatization includes for-pro4t providers
- Privatization cuts down costs but has gradually delisted services
such as vision care and long-term care
Medical Social Work
- Social workers play a big role in hospitals
oSocial workers act as support in hospital situations
Providing Information
Discharge Planning
oMental Health Care
Assist with rehabilitation strategies
oEnd of Life Care
Helping family access needed services
Social Determinants of Health
- A model that uses social and economic conditions which shape
that health of individuals which includes
- An example of a social determinant would be food insecurity
o1 in 8 families faced food insecurity in 2011
oFood is a main part of an individual’s physical as well as
their metal health
oFood insecurity would be a social determinant as without
proper access to food, an individual may become sick, or
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