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September 11 , 2012 STATS 2B03: Statistical Methods for Science Introduction to Biostatistics Scales of measurement (for categorical variables) - nominal scale:  when categories don’t have any order to them  consists if categorizing observations by name only, where the different categories can’t be ranked  e.g. categorizing by gender or race - ordinal scale:  consists of categorizing observations in such a way that the different categorize can be ranked according to some criteria  e.g. low/medium/high income or exercise/do not exercise Organizing data - example: 55, 63, 72, 41, 87, 75, 64, 60 - frequency table:  class boundaries  convention: when the class boundaries overlap, the right class boundary is not included in the interval Grouping Frequency Cumulative Relative Cumulative Frequency Frequency Percent (%) 40-50 1 1 1/8 = 12.5% 12.5% 50-60 1 2 1/8 = 12.5% 25% 60-70 3 5 3/8 = 37.5% 62.5% 70-80 2 7 2/8 =
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