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Theatre & Film Studies
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Peter Cockett

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Fox 1 Lecture 1 Theatre & Film 1T03 Tuesday May 7, 2013 Dr. Peter Cockett 1 Lecture  1 tutorials May 14 th  Email through Avenue  SOTA=School of the Arts  CSD=Centre for Student Development  CNH=Chester New Hall, Robinson Memorial is room 103  TSH= Togo Salmon Hall, office is 511, the SOTA office 404  Analytical Process:  Observation, description, analysis: 1. Description – find the nouns and adjectives/find words 2. Association – What is in association with the images?/cannot be wrong because it is an interpretation 3. Meaning – Connection through association 4. Argument –  Why do we analyse everything? To understand how culture works on us and other/ Empower ourselves as readers and creators of culture  Short Essay Assignments: Break down into elements, set design, costume design, cinematography, etc.,  The Myth of Realism:  A construction  Central Concept of Course:  Theatre and cinema are meaning-making machines  Audiences gather together to watch stories being told that are significant in relation to their own lives and worlds  In this course we will pay attention to the way meanings are generated by these 2 artistic forms  Theatre, Cinema & Realism  It has been argued that theatre and cinema as artistic forms have a natural tendency towards realism. Why? They use signs that resemble things they represent. Fox 2 Lecture 1  The medium is a human being, rather than an artist’s medium which would be paint.  An apple represents an apple-that’s real!...but is it?  Apples for apples?  Key word: Representation: when one thing is taken to indicate another. I made my apple represent a phone  The choice to make the audience alert to the process of representation, to use an apple to represent a phone, increases our awareness of perfo
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