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Theatre & Film Studies
Peter Cockett

1T03 week 6: Film Style  02/12/2014 Female of the Species Elements of film style • Mise-en-scene • Sets • Costume • Acting • Lighting Sound Cinematographic properties Editing Cinematographic Properties “a cinematographer is a visual psychiatrist – moving an audience through a movie … making them think the way you want them to” The Image: Focus deep focus – many planes in crisp focus shallow focus – few planes in crisp focus rack focus – focus is altered over the course of the shot functions of focus types: dependent on the specific case common functions: creation of atmosphere direction of attention Framing – Shot Scale extreme long – setting dominates, bodies all in scale long – actors whole body is visible medium long – bodies visible from the knees up medium – bodies visible from waist up medium close – bodies visible from chest up close – only face, hands or significant object can be seen extreme close – only an isolated detail is visible Framing –Angles the high angle: give audience powerful perspective looking down on characters/scene characters look smaller locale becomes more important – character in relation to scene the low angle: opposite effect to high angle characters appear to be bigger they look powerful/threatening characters dominate environment The oblique angles: Camera set at an angle The moving camera Pans: Scan scene horizontally Stationary axis point Tilts: Scan scene vertically Stationary axis point Dolly shots – camera placed on moving platform Scan scene horizontally Moving camera Zoom shots: Camera zooms in on subject/out of subject Handheld shots Crane shots/aerial shots: Scan scene vertically/or combination of vertical/horizontal Moving camera- on cr
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