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McMaster University
Theatre & Film Studies
Peter Cockett

1T03 week 12: Exam Review  04/03/2014 • 3 hour exam • 25 multiple choice • one short answer question on one of the honours performance series shows (30 minutes, eight scentences) – 5 points • four short answer questions on the plays/films in the course (120 minutes) – 4 points per question • multiple choice: • tests knowledge of plays/films studied since the mid-term • does not test knowledge of lecture notes per se but understanding of the material will help • short answer on honours performance series show: • analysis of production choices in response to question. Will be asked to discuss one production element that served the intent of the production well and one you feel did not. o Response to question o Analyze production choices in scene o Connect to cultural intent of production and to essay question • Four short answers: • Choose 4 from 8 questions: o All plays/films in the course will be covered in questions o Questions will ask for specific analysis o The analysis should respond to the question, relating production choices to the social issues in the plays/films  Key issues in the class are: gender, sexuality, race, colonization, individualism, community, capitalism, globalization Write about 2 plays and 2 films. You cannot write about both The Shirt and The Battle of Elderbush Gulch, you can only choose one. Think them through before you start writing 8 solid sentences could get you anA+, four pages of nonsense will not use the analytical process used throughout this class:
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