THTRFLM 1T03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Essentialism

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Lecture Twelve
Presentation Assignment:
. Your goal:
. A persuasive presentation that convinces the class of your group’s
perspective on the play or film
. Key tasks:
. Define social issue clearly (what film festival is about)
. Be specific in your analysis of the production elements (the proof)
. Relate the analysis to the argument of the play or film as a whole
Presentation Example: The Female of the Species
Presentation on Female of the Species
. Film festival Topic: “The Representation of Women”
. Guiding question: How does the film represent women?
. Argument: The film offers an essentialist representation of women
. Sub argument: women are seen as mothers ‘by nature’
. Sub argument: women are dangerous when guided by anything but
maternal affection
. Proof
. Narration
. Figure placement
. Costume
. Editing
. Initial stages: Women as strong and noble
. The girl refuses the husband’s advances
. The husband dies
. The women walk across the desert
. Central Section: Women as prone to jealous violence
. The wife wants to kill the young girl in revenge
. Her sister eggs her on
. Final section: Women as essentially maternal
. Sound of baby makes the wife relent
. The three women unite in love for the baby
. Title: “WOMANKIND”
Figure placement
. Women placed in relation to each other at beginning and end
1st: Triangular composition increases
. Tree separating the two sisters and the girl is in her own separate area away
from the sisters
2nd: Flat composition increases closeness of women over the love of the baby
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